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Can I use your products if I am on prescription medicines?
We are not aware of any problems in taking any of our products while taking prescription medications. Many of our clients are already on prescription medications (some for bladder problems) and they report no problems when taking our products. However, we always recommend that if you are taking prescription medications or have any medical conditions, you check with your health care provider before taking these or any other dietary supplements. Our products are 100% natural blends of the highest quality herbs, amino acids and enzymes and have not been demonstrated to have side effects.

How do I know which product is the best for my bladder problem?
We encourage you to read through this website, take our bladder profile, and read other websites as well in order to understand your symptoms more clearly. Many people will have overlapping symptoms. It is best to determine which is the most bothersome problem and use the product that most closely applies.

How do I know if I need Bladder-Control®?
You will know. You are the best judge of that. For example, if you find that you have to go to the bathroom every hour, sometimes have to rush to make it on time, wake up a lot at night to urinate and tend to know where every bathroom is within a 5-mile radius of your home, consider trying Bladder-ControlTM. With our money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose but some trips to the bathroom.

At what age do people need Bladder-Control™ ?
There is an enormous variation here. Bladder-Control is appropriate for adults- men or women- of any age who suffer from an overactive bladder. While the number of people with an overactive bladder increases with age, some people suffer from it their entire life. They typically say they have always been told they have a “tiny bladder” or a “bladder the size of a pea”. Long car rides are always difficult for them.

How long will I need to take Bladder-Control™ ?
Bladder-ControlTM is an ongoing program of support for your bladder and is meant to be taken for as long as it is providing relief. In exactly the same manner as prescription drugs for overactive bladder, it is not a “one-time” shot. Unlike some prescription drugs, Bladder-Control™ will not leave you feeling dried out or drowsy and so is very well tolerated in the long term.

Who should consider taking CranTec UltraTM?
CranTec Ultra is perfect for those plagued by bladder infections. At the same time, it is also meant for those who wishes to take a proactive approach to maintaining and optimizing the long-term health of the bladder. CranTec Ultra cranberry supplement provides 36 mg PAC in a single capsule- the most potent cranberry supplement you can purchase.

What if your products don’t work for me?
We have an incredibly high consumer satisfaction rating, but we recognize that not everyone in the world will react in an identical manner. We stand behind our products and place customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We will give you a 100% refund, less shipping and handling, within one year of purchase, no questions asked, if you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever. Please see our money-back guarantee section of this site for details.

I have trouble with acid- does Bladder-Q™ contain cranberry?
No, Bladder-Q™ does not contain cranberry.

How long until I see results?
This will vary from person to person. Certainly it would be a mistake to try a product for only one week or two. It is important to remember that these products work naturally with the body to enhance functioning, and noticeable effects may take four to six weeks to occur.

Do I need to take the product with food?
Any of our products may be taken either with or without food.

What is the cost of shipping?
Our Shipping section has full details on cost and other aspects of shipping. Please see this page for specific details.

Is overnight delivery available?
No- please see our Shipping section for details.

How can I track an order?
You will receive an e-mail with the tracking information when the order ships. This will provide everything you need to track your order.

What if I don’t want to make a purchase online?
You may order by phone, toll-free. 866-685-4246 M-F 8AM - Midnight EST and Sat / Sun 9AM - 9PM EST.

How can I contact The Natural Bladder™ ?
We would love to hear from you- comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. You can contact us at helpdesk@thenaturalbladder.com, or see our contact page for complete information.

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