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Prescription Drugs for Overactive Bladder

Prescription Drugs for Overactive Bladder" title="Prescription Drugs for Overactive BladderPrescription Drugs

Prescription drugs can be used to try to control the symptoms of overactive bladder. The various drugs fall into a category of anticholinergic agents- this refers to their effects on a particular part of the body's nervous system. In some people these drugs may show a beneficial effect upon the bladder. These medications can, in certain people, depress normal bladder contractions and increase the maximum amount the bladder can hold. Unfortunately they do not increase the warning time (the time between the feeling of needing to urinate and the bladder beginning to squeeze down). These drugs do not work for everyone and they can have unwanted effects upon other parts of the body.

The Good With The Bad

All of the current bladder medications have the potential of causing unwanted side effects. The more common of these are dry mouth, blurry vision, constipation, headache and abdominal pain. Newer formulations have decreased the incidence of these unwanted side effects. Certain people, such as those with a specific type of glaucoma or poor bladder emptying, may not be medically permitted to take these drugs.

Natural Herbal Alternatives for an Overactive Bladder
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