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Which Products Are For Me?

Which Products Are For Me?" title="Which Products Are For Me?Please keep in mind that the following is meant to serve as a guide. We also encourage you to explore this web site and other sources of information to learn more about bladder problems and how you may best be helped.

Bladder-Control® is the product you need if you have:
  • Frequent urination (“I have to go ALL the time”)
  • Urgent urination (“I have to make it there in a hurry”)
  • Leakage if you don’t make it in time (“My bladder started to empty before I was ready”)
  • Waking up at night to urinate too many times (“I’m not getting sleep anymore”)
  • Interference with daily activities (“I’ll pass on that car trip”)
  • An inability to be away from a toilet (“I know where every bathroom is in a five-mile radius”)

Bladder-Q® is the product you need if you have:
  • Pelvic or Bladder pain and/or pressure
  • The need to provide maximal interstitial support for your bladder
  • Severe lower abdominal pain and/or pressure
  • Excessive frequency of urination
  • Tenderness in the pelvic and genital area
  • Painful intercourse

CranTec Ultra™ is the product you need if you have:
  • Frequent bouts of bladder infections (“I think I have ANOTHER infection”)
  • Bladder infections that come right back (“I just had one”)
  • Bladder infections that are hard to clear (“I had to be on a few different antibiotics”)
  • A high susceptibility to bladder infections (“I get them at the drop of a hat”)
  • A desire to pro-actively take care of your bladder

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