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"I have interstitial cystitis and I have struggled with this terrible illness for 11 years. Due to this illness, I had constant pain in my bladder and I had a constant frequency and urgency to go to the bathroom all the time. I would empty my bladder with no relief from pain. I would be housebound. Due to the pain and frequency and urgency of wanting to go to the bathroom, my life was imprisoned by Interstitial Cystitis. Until I found out about Bladder-Q.

I started to take Bladder-Q and within the 4th week, I started to notice a change. I started to have less pain and within the 6th week I notice the frequency and urgency of needing to urinate was gone. I started to hold more urine without having pain in my bladder. In the second month of taking Bladder-Q I was pain free.

Thanks to Bladder-Q, I have my life back once again. I will not go a day without taking Bladder-Q. It has freed me from the terrible pain of interstitial cystitis. I am no longer a prisoner of Interstitial Cystitis. I am now able to be back to work and I am happy to say that I have a social life once again. It’s amazing I no longer have pain and if you have Interstitial Cystitis like I do, I recommend that you try Bladder-Q and join me in a pain free life and finally be free of the terrible symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis. I just wanted to say thank you to The Natural Bladder for producing a product like Bladder-Q. You have given me my life back. I also enjoy the fast ordering service. I always get my order on time and that’s very important. I urge you not to stop making this product, I really count on Bladder-Q in order to have a normal life."

Antoinette Jean Montreal, Canada

"I have had interstitial cystitis for ten years. The first two years of having IC were horrible, life was not worth living, I prayed to die every day. None of the traditional treatments for IC worked for me, not even the drug Elmiron. The pain and pressure were horrible. The pain of IC is so hard to explain to anyone, even to my urologist. I would start going to the bathroom constantly after being out of bed about two hours, the pain and pressure increased every time I urinated. I was also having a lot of urethral pain, like an electric drill going through me. One of the worst things to deal with, is knowing the pain is coming and being powerless to stop it. I would feel as though I was being pulled into a black inferno of pain. I was facing disability and could not afford to give up my job.

Out of desperation I looked up interstitial cystitis on the Internet. The first entry was The Natural Bladder. I read all of the information on their web site and was sure that they knew what they were talking about. I was pessimistic and didn’t order right away. After a lot of prayer and thought I ordered Bladder-Q. My symptoms improved greatly after one week of taking Bladder-Q. The pressure and pain have diminished and most days I have none. I have only had urethral pain once after starting Bladder-Q. Each day is better. Life is worth living.

I would recommend Bladder-Q to anyone suffering from the debilitating pain of interstitial cystitis. I can’t thank The Natural Bladder enough."

Cheryl S Campbellsville, KY

"While using Bladder-Q my pain is decreased by at least 60% and my libido is much better. I would recommend Bladder-Q to a friend."

Denise N. Yucaipa, CA

"I was diagnosed with IC in Dec 1997. Since then, each day was another day that I woke up wondering if this day would be the first day of my life I might luck out and have this condition disappear. Friends always try to be understanding but it’s hard for others who are my age to slow down to allow me to run to the bathroom. Everything, every task, every planned activity is built around if there will be a bathroom nearby or if the ride may be bumpy.

Doctors rarely believed me that this was real, but finally I was diagnosed and I attempted prescribed drugs to assist me. Drugs helped but none worked as fast as Bladder-Q. What I found so far is that previously I would have one type of pain and then upon voiding each time, I would have another type of pain. I call this the release pain. The release pain is definitely less painful now and it seems that I can hold my urine longer without the same horrific pain. I feel so blessed that someone has found not only something that may help not only myself but others in my same situation, but also more naturally. Thanks Natural Bladder!"

Robin H Youngsville, LA

"Before taking Bladder-Q I felt like I needed to urinate all the time. If I had a restroom available I would go every 10 to 30 minutes. When I would go there would just be a very painful, thin trickle of urine. At night, when I would lie down it was painful. Watching TV in bed was almost impossible. I would have to lie on my side. I would have to urinate at least 4 or 5 times before I would finally fall asleep. And I would always have to get up in the middle of the night at least 3 times. I had to take an over-the-counter urinary pain relief medicine constantly.

Having found absolutely no help with regular doctors, I went to my naturopath. He told me that I probably have interstitial cystitis. He suggested that I read the book You Don’t Have to Live with Cystitis by Larrian Gillespie, MD, which recommends a diet low in acid and free of all forms of caffeine, even chocolate. My naturopath also put me on chlorophyll complex which gave me marginal help.

In an effort to improve my quality of life, I paid a lot of attention to diet. I discovered that sugar really irritates my bladder. Having tired of the sugar binges that always resulted in a week of painful urination, I decided to make an all out effort to cure myself. I did everything I could to cure myself. I kept my diet as clean as possible. And I took both Bladder-Q and chlorophyll complex. To my delight, my efforts paid off. Within about 3 weeks of starting this all out assault, I found that my bladder was almost normal. There was a 95 to 98% improvement.

To this day, 7 months later, I still have to be concerned about diet. But I can tell you that Bladder-Q is not just masking the symptoms; it’s curing the problem. I know this because I can cheat a little on my diet without having the painful repercussions I used to have. Now I can get away with eating a few cookies every now and again, without any noticeable side effects.

If I keep a good diet, and continue my Bladder-Q and chlorophyll, I am perfectly normal. I can hold my urine 5 or 6 hours! I have a strong steady stream. And I can lie in bed and watch TV without any sense of urgency. I only get up once a night to urinate and I sleep well.

Seven months ago, I would have never thought this was possible. I was told there was no cure for interstitial cystitis. I was told that it was a degenerative disease that often left women disabled. But now I know differently. Bladder-Q has given me hope that this disease can indeed be cured.

Many thanks for your product and your commitment to helping those of us with interstitial cystitis."

Marysia W. Charlotte, NC

"This is a great product! It has helped me with bladder spasms where other things have not. Even prescription meds! Thanks for such a great product!!!!!"

Lynne M Springfield, MO

"In the mid 1980’s I began having trouble starting a flow of urine, exceptionally short times between bathroom trips and pain in the bladder area. First I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and a TUR was performed. The surgery didn’t help and things remained as they were with more pain. A second surgery was performed but again no help was realized. I began a treatment of instillation of DMSO into the bladder. Also the bladder lining was stretched by instilling water and expanding the lining.

In December of 2000 I began taking Bladder-Q. I took two capsules each morning and 2 capsules each night. I felt quite an improvement. By the end of two months I was able to ride in my four wheeled drive truck without pain and I was able to ride my lawn mower for the first time in years and not hurt. I discovered that since I have been using the Bladder-Q my ability to walk without pain is noticeable. At a local hospital the garage elevator broke and I had to walk up five flights of stairs to my car. I wasn’t in any pain when I arrive at the fifth floor. I can safely say that Bladder-Q has made a highly noticeable difference in my bladder health."

William S Roanoke, VA

"Bladder-Q is giving me entire days where I can forget that I even have a bladder problem. Quercetin alone had helped my condition, but it was not until I added the Bladder-Q to my regimen that I finally got to the point where I could actually be pain free for periods of time. Bladder-Q is a definite improvement over the quercetin alone.

The only side effect that I have noticed from the Bladder-Q is that I have a somewhat, um, more active libido, probably from the L-arginine which I know is also used in many stimulators sold over the counter for that purpose. However, neither I nor my husband minds that at all!"

Annete G Sierra Vista, AZ

"I have endured IC for 14 years. Hydrodistension determined that I had small hemorrhages in the bladder. I have tried many of the medications and treatments with little relief. Only Ultram, an analgesic, would help, but it would also cause retention and I was worse off the next day.

Eight weeks ago, while on the IC website, I noticed the ad for The Natural Bladder and Bladder-Q. The words “for interstitial bladder health” so appealed to me as targeting the problem that I ordered a bottle.

Within three weeks of taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evenings, I was forgetting that I had a bladder. I felt normal- no bloating, no broken glass feeling, no urgency.

I am continuing to be without pain and also sleeping better. It seems to me that Quercetin does treat the abnormal interstitial layer and soothe it."

Elizabeth B Edina, MN

"I have been having problems with my bladder for the past 17 years. It started with going to a doctor who quickly misdiagnosed me with bacterial cystitis and gave me antibiotics. I took them for over a year and they never helped, and even seemed to make the problem worse. Since then I have been to 4 doctors, had 4 surgeries for the bladder, and at least 2 more for endometriosis which they feel is connected to the problem. I have searched for years for a solution. I have changed my diet, I have avoided sex, I have everything from biofeedback to a physical therapy tens unit.

I am now taking Bladder-Q. It has been 3 months. I have great relief with decreased frequency and urgency. Bladder-Q is key in helping me live a normal life again!"

Shannon S. Sunny Isles Beach, FL

"I have a possible case of Interstitial Cystitis. The doctors say that’s what I have, but I chose not to go to the hospital for the tests. I was not able to wait longer than about half an hour for “restroom breaks”. I had severe bladder spasms, and I was in agony. It hurt so bad.

I have tried every prescription drug the doctors could give me, and none helped. They said there is no cure. I went to a naturopath, who sent in blood tests, and said I also have “leaky gut syndrome” and recommended a very strict diet, which did help some. I looked interstitial cystitis up on the Internet and found The Natural Bladder website, and figured what do I have to lose, and tried it. I also started on buffered Vitamin C, Vitamin D, folic acid with Bladder-Q and pau d’arco tea. The bladder spasms have nearly quit, and I am not in agony most of the time.

If someone asked me, I would tell them to give Bladder-Q a try. Nothing that I know of is more agonizing than almost constant bladder spasms, and I am glad I found Bladder-Q. I’ve been on this for about four months, and I expect to cure my problem."

Karen P Twin Bridges, MT

"I have a very good urologist and he tells me to use whatever helps me. I am one of a few men who have interstitial cystitis. There were times when I would have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. At times it was extremely embarrassing.

My doctor gave me a series of irrigations of the bladder to see if this would help the situation. It was a help, however, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to have them again soon. I did some research and reading and decided to try your Bladder-Q. I have been using it now for about a year and a half. I am better now than I was after the irrigations.

I was in for an appointment with the urologist about 6 months ago and told him that I was doing very well. Sometimes it is 3 hours or more between urinations. He was quite surprised and told me I was doing much better than the rest of his patients with IC. I told him what I was using and he told me to keep it up.

I am so glad I happened to start using your products. I would recommend them to anyone who has similar problems. My age is 70 and I am better now by far than I was 2 or 3 years ago."

Howard P Aloha, OR

"My experience taking Bladder-Q has been amazing. I have been in pain with interstitial cystitis for approximately 3 years. After taking Bladder-Q for about 1 week, I started noticing a difference. I have been taking it now for 3 weeks and definitely seeing results. I am so thrilled to see a product I can order on-line that really works. Please don’t stop making this product! It has given me my life back. It is so nice to have more “good” days than bad. Thanks for making such a great product that is natural and works with my body. You are a life saver!! Bladder-Soothe is also great for those days that are the worst. You have great products and I can’t thank you enough!! God bless you!!"

Denise H Parkville, MO

"In February, 2002, I began having symptoms of what I thought was cystitis. However, I had had cystitis several times in past years, and these symptoms were a little different. They reacted violently to the cranberry juice which had given relief previously.

My husband, Dr. Phil Martin, who is a retired OB/GYN physician, prescribed an antibiotic. It did nothing to alleviate my pain. Then I went to an ER doctor who ordered another antibiotic to no avail.

In March, I went to a urologist and was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). He wanted to start me on the drug Elmiron(R), and also scheduled me for a biopsy to rule out bladder. Cancer.

I didn’t start the Elmiron(R) right away, because being a natural food and herbal medicine enthusiast, I wanted to do some research into its actions and side effects. After consulting with my pharmacist daughter-in-law, who gave me your web site, and comparing my options, I decided to give Bladder-Q a try instead of taking the pharmaceutical prescribed by my urologist.

Three months later, I had the biopsy and hydrodilation of the bladder. At the post-op visit the doctor asked how I was doing and I said “very well”. I was relieved that I didn’t have cancer, and that the pain seemed to be controlled by Bladder-Q. He told me to continue the Elmiron(R), and I reminded him that I had rejected the Elmiron(R) in preference to Bladder-Q. He insisted that my pain relief was due to the hydrodilation. It’s true that for several weeks after the procedure I was totally asymptomatic, however in the three months from the start of Bladder-Q to the surgery, I was experiencing considerable relief. This relief continues to date, two years later.

I now go to a urogynecologist who is supportive of my using alternative medicine. He has also been helpful in pointing out the trigger foods that set off times of increased discomfort.

I think I have a milder case of IC than some people do, but I feel that Bladder-Q and avoiding spicy and acidic foods has certainly helped make my life more pleasant."

Jo Martin Lake Park, GA

Note: Elmiron(R) is a registered Trademark name of Medical Market Specialties

"I just wanted to write to you and tell you how wonderful I think Bladder-Q is. I had been suffering with chronic “bladder infections” for at least 15 years. I had urology doctor appointment after doctor appointment; constantly going in for a culture test for infections. Sometimes it would show an infection and I would immediately be put on antibiotics (of course followed by female infections and then having to go to ob-gyn for culture and medicine for that). What a merry-go-round!! Sometimes the culture would not show an infection, yet I would have the same symptoms. I would get very emotional that they were not going to give me the antibiotic as it seemed to be the only thing that would help and relieve symptoms.

Finally, my urologist diagnosed me as an Interstitial Cystitis patient. I was immediately taken off antibiotics and put on 3 new medicines. One is Bextra(R), an anti-inflammatory; however Bextra(R) has a sulfa base to it which I’m allergic to and the side effects were not pleasant though it seemed to help. The other 2 medicines I took for 2 days and I was so sick I had to go right back off of them. I know that high levels of acid in the body promotes the symptoms of these feeling of bladder infections and I was told to stop drinking pop, tea, etc. I don’t smoke, or drink; the only think I do enjoy is my pop and here they were taking that away from me too!

Finally, I was told to check out the Interstitial Cystitis web site; which I did, and found Bladder-Q (literally the answer to my prayers). Only someone with the symptoms of your side constantly aching and hurting 24/7, having to live with the constant feeling of having to urinate (even more so after having physical relations with my husband), can you appreciate what I’ve been through.

I checked out Bladder-Q and its contents since I am so highly allergic to things and decided to order it. I would take 2 after breakfast, 2 after lunch, and 2 after dinner. I had no side effects whatsoever! I started to notice a difference within one week and went off the Bextra(R). I continued with Bladder-Q at this dosage for another 2 weeks. I felt great! I noticed the aching in my side and the feeling of urgency was completely gone. After that, I backed down on the dosage until now I take only 1 a day to maintain. I haven’t actually had a problem in the past 6 months with is normally unheard of for me. Additionally, I’m finally able to be with my husband without having to worry about getting an infection. I’ve even been able to go back to drinking pop though I still try to be careful about the quantities and how much acid-type foods I intake.

I’m so grateful to Bladder-Q; I tell anyone I come in contact with that expresses these same problems of the great results I have had with Bladder-Q. The very best part of all of this is being able to finally get off of all drugs and their side effects. Thank you again."

Sue Robles Indianapolis, IN

Note: Bextra(R) is a registered trademark of Pharmacia & Upjohn Company

“I was first officially diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in May 2001 after having the bladder distension and cystoscopy performed. But as with many IC patients, my symptoms started long before that. In 1997 I was experiencing the pain, urinary frequency and pressure that is associated with IC. The symptoms would increase every month, around the time of my period, which led me to believe there was some sort of hormonal connection. I was lucky in that I was still able to work, but the frequent urination become a constant source of irritation and need for pre-planning and creative excuses. Like many IC patients, I know where the public restrooms are in many stores and restaurants throughout Seattle. Unfortunately, many doctors were not able to recognize the cause of my condition. I had several painful procedures done (dilation of the urethra) and was given many prescriptions for ailment such as yeast infections and urinary tract infections. My gynecologist suggested that I work with a physical therapist who was familiar with using biofeedback and bladder retraining methods to combat the symptoms. I tried this for a while but it didn’t really help.

Finally, a second urologist was able to diagnose IC after the hospital procedures of bladder distension and cystoscopy. The photographs provided the final proof of small ulcers on the bladder, another classic sign of IC. The surgery itself provided complete relief of the symptoms for approximately 4 months, but they soon gradually returned.

Since the diagnosis, I have tried Elmiron®, Pyridium®, Amityriptyline, Ditropan XL®, Detrol LA®, painkillers, Chinese herbs, etc. Most had some effect but none really alleviated the symptoms all together. I also tried the more natural route and began yoga, diet monitoring and restrictions, acupuncture and regular exercise. A combination of several things eliminated almost all of the symptoms except for frequency, by February 2003. I even wrote a letter to my urologist claiming that I was “cured” and listing the things that I was doing. It was a short-lived remission and the symptoms came back even stronger than before. I was now in constant pain, using the bathroom at least every hour, and worst of all, unable to sleep.

An Internet search led me to The Natural Bladder site and to Bladder-Q. I ordered a one-month supply but only started seeing results after about 5 weeks. It was incredible. Bladder-Q has alleviated most of the pain and definitely helped with the frequency. My symptoms are worse in the mornings, but in the afternoon, I can sometimes go 3 hours without having to use the bathroom!

I think it is hard to understand what IC patients endure if you have never dealt with these symptoms. I was ready to try anything and determined to get a handle on my condition. Bladder-Q is incredible and I would recommend that any IC patient give it a try. My thanks to the company who invented it and good luck to all fellow sufferers.”

Laura S. Seattle, Washington

Note: Elmiron is a resgistered Trademark of Medical Market Specialties, Detrol LA is a registered Trademark of Pharmacia and Upjohn, Pyridium is a registered Trademark of Warner-Lambert, Ditropan XL is a registered Trademark of Alza.

"I want to thank you very much for the help Bladder-Q has given me to relieve the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis. I was diagnosed with IC last January after months and months of treating my symptoms with numerous trips to the urologist’s office, urine cultures and multiple treatments of antibiotics. I even tried a prescribed drug to treat IC by my urologist which caused many unpleasant side effects. In my effort to find help I searched the Internet and came across The Natural Bladder. I read the testimonials written about Bladder-Q and thought I would give it a try. It was a miracle. After a couple of days of taking it my symptoms of continuous bladder spasms and pain decreased and after a month the symptoms were completely gone. My sex life returned to normal, I could exercise and run again, and eat anything I wanted including tomato juice. My life is back to normal thanks to Bladder-Q. I am so thankful. Thank you Natural Bladder for restoring my life and helping my stay symptom free from a very bad disease."

Jan C., R.N. Carlsbad, CA

Four years later: "I am a nurse and I have told my Urologist about Bladder-Q and how I am now symptom free from my IC. He said he now recommends it to all of his IC patients. Thank you so much."

Jan C., R.N. Carlsbad, CA

"My daughter was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis last year. The doctor recommended that we send her to a specialist to have her bladder “ballooned”. I said “no way” and started looking on the Internet for alternative treatments. After taking Bladder-Q she is able to sleep through the night and she is back to leading a normal life."

Diana Daum Hayden ID

"I have been suffering from Interstitial Cystitis for 2 ½ years. Over that time I have tried every thing on the market. Enough antibiotics, different kinds of supplements, enough to fill a swimming pool. Everything that my friends recommended I took; changed my diet with no relief. One day my son was asked by a friend “How is your Mum’s health?” He mentioned my problem and his friend told him that his wife was suffering from similar symptoms, and told him that she was taking tablets from America, named Bladder-Q, with great success. My Bladder-Q arrived in the mail a week later, a present from my son. By the second bottle of Bladder-Q my Interstitial Cystitis settled down. Haven’t found anything else like this that actually works! Thank you so much!"

Margarete Janes Kianga, New South Wales Australia

"Gentleman- recently I introduced your product Bladder-Q to my HMO doctor. He was grateful to get the info I gave him as many others suffer Interstitial Cystitis and he is very open to offer alternative treatments; as they have nothing to offer this complicated problem. They put me on Elmiron® and it was not effective. By far Bladder-Q seems to restore the lining of my bladder enough to make a real difference. Instead of getting up 8 to 10 times a night I get up 2 times. Bladder-Q has changed my life."

A. Soyka Huntington Beach, CA

Note: Elmiron® is a registered Trademark name of Medical Market Specialties


After having read all of the reviews on their website for how well the Bladder-Control supplement works, and the reasons for why it works so well, I decided to order 2 jars to see if it would help to alleviate my frequent overnight (4-5 per night) trips to the bathroom, too. After only 36 hours of taking 1 capsule twice per day, my OAB trips have been cut in half! I know that the earlier additions of cornsilk and pumpkin seed extract formulas have helped to enhance the rapid response time to this new supplement, which I had piggybacked with the other two for the first two weeks' trial period. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results thus far--10 days now into the initial two week phase. Most nights I only have to go to the bathroom 1 time per 8 hours of sleep, not 4-5 times. What a relief it is to know that this disease-state is now manageable, and that most aspects of my social isolation have been remedied by the daily addition of this natural herbal and amino acids blend. I look forward to even better results after using Bladder-Control for one month's time.

**A side note of discovery: I first realized that the peripheral neuropathy pain, which has bothered me for some time now, has been greatly lessened to the degree of almost nonexistent fatigue pains late in the day. Yippee! This remarkable supplement has given me an extra layer of protection for another circulatory complaint, for which I am most grateful and amazed. Win-win!

Jennifer J Smyrna, GA

"I originally searched for a solution to frequent urination because I was up more than 4 times per night going to the bathroom and during the day I was urinating every hour and having the “urge” in between those times. I was embarrassed because I had to “plan” my trips to the bathroom- between meetings, etc. This was in the forefront of my mind- always.

I was not finding many solutions while searching on the web but finally found Bladder-Control by The Natural Bladder. I read the information on how it worked- then anxiously ordered a bottle.

Upon arrival of my package I immediately began taking the recommended dosage. I seemed to notice a change in my urge to urinate within 48 hours. Needless to say, I was thrilled! When taken regularly, I have maintained consistent results. I highly recommend this natural method for those with frequent urination problems."

Bren B. Orlando, Florida

"I am a healthy woman in my early fifties. Urinary frequency has been increasing over the last two years. I found a bathroom stop necessary every thirty to forty-five minutes. I began to have to urinate three or four times during the night. This whole cycle had become very disruptive to my regular daily routines, and even was affecting my freedom to make a simple car trip longer than about an hour. I began to limit my intake of fluids, to no help. I started to feel that this was a fact of life I was going to have to accept and just learn to live with. It was most discouraging to me, as I have always been a physically active person.

Just when I thought there was no resolution to this situation, I stumbled onto your product- Bladder-Control. I began to use the product immediately. I started by using the product mornings and evenings. It was effective right away. I am now able to go about two hours between urination. I am also able to sleep through the night, with no middle of the night wake-ups to run to the bathroom.

I am very pleased with your product. I have become vocal to friends and family in my age group with similar problems so that they too can get hold of Bladder-Control and regain control of their lives in the area of frequent urination.

Thank you so much for making this product available to people suffering as I had been. I would encourage anyone with frequent urination problems to investigate your product and see if it provides the relief they seek, as it did for me."

Lynn M. Carlsbad, CA

"I have been diagnosed to have a spastic bladder. This condition caused a real problem with incontinence that continued to worsen. The frequency for going was increasing and the urgency when I did need to go almost became critical. I was just not able to hold off going to the bathroom when these urges hit for any length of time. There were several times I was traveling in my car that when I did make it to a place where I could stop to use the restroom, as soon as I stood up in getting out of the car I lost control and wet all over myself. I am a minister and usually am not in a situation where I can change clothes without a great deal of embarrassment. Almost every time I would go visit in someone’s home (whether I knew them that well or not) I would have to ask to use their bathroom. It became such a problem, I cut back on my visiting of church members as well as prospects.

The final straw was when I began wetting the bed. I would wake up in the middle of the night realizing I need to go to the bathroom, then realizing I was already voiding and it was too late. After several episodes of that, I found a urologist. Initially he put me on some medication but I had some reactions to it and the cost was really expensive. It was at this time my wife began to look to see if she could find something more natural for me to take that would also be reasonable in cost. It was at this time we discovered Bladder-Control. Not only was it a more natural approach to the problem and cost a fraction of the medication that had been prescribed, but it actually worked as well or better. I still have a problem with frequency at times, but that could very well be caused by my “addiction” to diet drinks. I almost always have a diet drink that I am drinking on whether I am in the office or traveling in the car. I will drink at least 3 a day- sometimes 5 or 6 if I have one at mealtime. And there are times that I will wait longer to go and the urgency gets pretty serious- BUT since I have been taking Bladder-Control I nave not lost control and wet the bed a single time and I have never lost control and wet my pants. Those embarrassing days are over thanks to Bladder-Control. I have learned to change some of my diet drink habits if I know I am going to go visiting or be on a trip where I cannot stop. It has been a life safer for me without any side effects of any kind. I would recommend Bladder-Control to any one with similar problems. I am living proof that it really works."

Randy M. Rockwood, TN

"I am a 67 year old male who for several years have suffered with an overactive bladder. I would have to make sure that there was a bathroom reasonably close almost every day because of the sense of urgency I would feel. As a general rule the problem was greater in the morning than in the afternoon. Also, I was regularly having to get up three or four times each night to relieve myself.

After putting up with this annoying problem for several years, two years ago I saw a urologist who confirmed that I did indeed have an overactive bladder and he put me on the medication Detrol(R). Although the medication did moderately help my problem it was not totally corrected. The doctor told me that the Detrol(R) would not “cure” my bladder control problem but rather would reduce the symptoms. The medication was very expensive and aside from not solving my problem, it gave me a very dry mouth. Given all of this, I was less than satisfied with these results but felt I had no other alternative.

I have now been on Bladder-Control for over two months and the result I am getting is significantly better than the Detrol(R), and there are no side effects whatsoever. Also, the cost is dramatically better than the prescription drug I was on.

Because I continue to drink coffee in the morning and a diet coke at lunch time plus consuming a great deal of water during the day, I probably am preventing a total arrest of my problem. But the previous sense of urgency is gone, I now get up maybe once a night now and then, and it seems that my bladder is much closer to normal. Also when I relieve myself I get a sense that I am completely emptying my bladder.

Overall, I can say Bladder-Control really works for me."

Clifford C. Nashua, New Hampshire

Note: Detrol(R) is a registered Trademark name of Pharmacia & Upjohn

"My bladder was overactive, up to four or five times getting up at night. After thirty days of two capsules a day I was getting up one or two times a night. I also had problems with leakage, just couldn’t get to the bathroom in time. After thirty days the amount per week dropped dramatically, one or two times per week. We walk every day and I knew every rest room available. Now after one month of two capsules per day just slight problems.

After two months of taking Bladder-Control, two per day, I am just about as good as I have ever been. I get up at night once or maybe not at all. There is no more leakage. And walking I can walk my walk without having to worry about finding a rest room.

I take many vitamins and live by taking alternative medicines. I am most grateful to The Natural Bladder for this product. It is a real joy for me to have control over my bladder. Life is a whole lot brighter.

At my age I was concerned about my many problems. Finding that the bladder was my problem, and being able to take Bladder-Control gives me great peace of mind. There have been no side effects from taking Bladder-Control."

R Adams Essex, Ontario Canada

"Dear Folks,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this product. In two words “It works”. Frankly I was somewhat doubtful because of so many claims being made by so many companies, but let me say I’m glad I tabled my doubts. In a word, I have cut my visits to the bathroom almost in half. For several years I have been getting up about 5 times a night and on many nights even more frequently. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate 10 years ago which probably was the primary reason for the aforementioned condition but thanks to Bladder-Control the problem has reduced itself by almost half. Thank you again."

Robert R. Southfield, MI

"Hi. My name is Jason M. I am a 28-year old male from Birmingham, Alabama. At the start of this year, something went crazy with my bladder! I noticed an inexplicable change in my urination. I was going ALL the time! And believe me, you suffer when you have an overactive bladder! I was forced to miss out on everything in my life. I could not go out on the weekends with my friends or anything like that because I had to urinate so much. Here I was a 28-year old man with the bladder problems of a 75 year old! That was unheard of! After 3 weeks of that and seeing that the problem was not going away anytime soon, I came across your site. I ordered a bottle of Bladder Control. I began taking it the day I received it. A few short weeks later, my urinating had begun to return to what it once was, normal! I love that stuff! I think I may order more here in the next few weeks to be on the safe side. Just in case that ailment returns. That pill works! I'm now able to do the things in life that I enjoy once again! And I have Bladder Control to thank for that. But, Bladder Control would not be possible if it weren't for you guys! So thank you as well!"

Jason M Birmingham, AL

"I wish I had known about this product before I retired. For over thirty years I was a professional truck driver. Later in my career I started having the kind of problems you describe, such as the frequency, and sudden urgency. It was a real problem always trying to remember where the next rest area was and wondering if I would make it. I discovered Bladder-Control after I retired, and I’m so glad I did. My wife and I enjoy traveling in our motor home, and now I can do that without worrying about where to find a place to make a “Pit Stop”. I would recommend this product to anyone. It has made a big difference in my life. Thanks Natural Bladder!"

Jerry E Wadsworth, OH

"Hi. My recent order for Bladder-Control was the second, both orders were dispatched within hours of the order the method and packaging were totally efficient and the contents received in perfect order.

Observations on the product. I had a prostatectomy (TURP) in October 03 after being catheterised for 5 months, after the procedure I was passing 18 to 20 times in 24 hours Max 75ml, in December I requested medication to improve bladder efficiency and was prescribed Detrusitol(R) by my consultant, it was a disaster! After I adjusted the dosage I had some benefit. I found The Natural Bladder on Google and ordered 2x60 Bladder-Control and initially took 1 A.M. and 1 P.M. at the same time as reducing Detrusitol. The frequency is reduced to 6 to 8 per 24 hours, the volume is 180ml to 250ml and I am now reducing Bladder-Control to 1 PM and have stopped Detrusitol(R) completely.

You can imagine that I am thrilled and delighted with the progress which I attribute 90% to Bladder-Control. My consultant (Detrusitol(R)) put the improvement down to "Placebo effect". My GP agrees with me, and is well impressed. The only difficulty is the cost, we obtain prescribed medicine via our National Health service at no cost, and your product cannot be prescribed, and it would seem most people are both in awe of the consultant and loathe to pay.

I am Alan Hackett a Clinical Psychologist age 72."

Alan Hackett Surrey United Kingdom

Note: Detrusitol(R) is a registered Trademark name of Pharmacia

"I went to the doctor and he sent me to a specialist. They took many tests and they recommended a prescription medicine at $174.00 a month. It didn’t do a thing. I got online and started to investigate. Found your product and with the first bottle a marked improvement. I’ve used Bladder-Control for about a month and thank God I found you on the Internet. It works. I had my doubts. Thank you, thank you, I don’t wake up 20 times a night to go to the bathroom. I take 1 capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. Thanks again."

Marion Simms Ocala, FL

"I started taking Bladder-Control from The Natural Bladder because I have a disability that affects my muscle tone as well as spasms in my muscles. My disability also made it detrimental to take Detrol(R) or any related drugs. Not being able to take drugs for this I turned to the web looking for a natural help and I found it with “The Natural Bladder”. For me it worked pretty much right away. I didn’t have to run for the bathroom anymore, I could walk."

Carolyn S Olympia, WA

Note: Detrol(R) is a registered Trademark name of Pharmacia & Upjohn

"I was suffering from an overactive bladder for about a year. I’m only 28 years old and was terribly embarrassed by my situation. I had to plan every day according to when I might have to go to the bathroom. I have a 45-minute drive to and from work every day and at one pint I had to stop 3 times on the way home.

I started using Bladder-Control about two months ago. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference. I was able to go all the way home without stopping and it was a tremendous relief. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from an overactive bladder. Long car trips are no longer an issue for me."

Melanie K. Hager City, WI

"My husband Mike, our 2 dogs and I live in the Sierras. To stay fit I do a lot of walking with my dogs. In the winter I find because of the cold mountain weather I have often felt an urgency to urinate. At times, the feeling became so bad I had to run into the woods to relieve myself (one advantage to mountain living!).

I decided to see my doctor about this problem but she wanted to put me on Oxytrol(R). I checked out the drug on the web and thought “No way would I take this”. I found Bladder-Control on a website and ordered the product. Lo and behold after a few doses the urgency to urinate had really diminished- it works very well with no side effects. I highly recommend this product. I’m sure glad I found this company. Thank you!"

Sherry C Arnold, CA

Note: Oxytrol(R) is a registered trademark of Watson Pharmaceuticals.

"Fifteen years ago, I kept having recurrent ear infections, so my medical doctor kept prescribing antibiotics for me to take. Then I had a yeast overgrowth that lasted two years from the antibiotics, and before you know it, I was going to the bathroom every five minutes. I felt like dying from exhaustion- running to the bathroom constantly. Then I was introduced to a nutritionist who helped me change my diet and recommended some Chinese herbs for me to improve my immune system. That helped somewhat, but I continued to have episodes of an overactive bladder. It would drive me nuts. It’s very difficult to go anywhere with this annoying ailment for the last fifteen years. I just accepted this would be part of my life. I’ve tried all sorts of herbs, but nothing really gave me satisfying relief.

I decided to do some research on the Internet and found The Natural Bladder website. I prefer to take the natural approach toward improving my health, so I was glad to read about your natural products. I took Bladder-Control, one in the AM and one in the PM, and within 5 days my bladder started to feel normal. Believe it or not, after being on it for one month, I now take it only once a day.

I’m glad I found your product. Thank you so much for all the research you put in to come up with this great product.

Judy H San Ramon, CA

" I started taking Bladder-Control several years ago and it has helped me tremendously. I don’t have to worry about leaking when I sneeze. If I go to the bathroom every 3 hours I never have to worry. I take 2 pills a day and I don’t have to worry about wetting the bed at night.

I have recommended it to several friends and they are happy with it. I told my doctor and she couldn’t believe it. I would recommend it to others too.

For people who have had problems for some time, I tell them they need to take several bottles before it starts to take effect."

Dorothy B. Atwater, CA

"I am 51 years old and following a hysterectomy two years ago, I developed an overactive bladder. This meant I was getting up five or six times during the night (sometimes hourly) and had to deal with a feeling of "bladder pressure" throughout the day. I tried conventional medicines - oxybutynin and solifenacin - and they had awful side effects and didn't work for me in any case. I then started taking Bladder-Control and within about a week, I began to notice a real difference. Now, most nights, I sleep up to four hours without a break, sometimes more. I have also started a bladder training regime suggested by my physiotherapist and I do a deep relaxation exercise just before going to sleep. The combination of all three has worked wonders!!

Thank you to The Natural Bladder company. Without Bladder- Control tablets I don't believe I'd have come this far in my recovery!! You've made a fantastic difference to my life!"

Ann G Melbourne, Australia

CranTec Ultra™

"I never had bladder infections when I was younger, but this past year I just kept getting one right after another. It didn’t seem to matter how careful I was or what I did. Since taking CranTec Ultra that has all changed. I take it every day and would not think about missing a dose."

Grace H. Aurora, OH

"I went from seeing my family doctor to seeing a specialist urologist because I kept getting one bladder infection right after another. They did tests and told me everything was normal. Each infection was miserable, and after the antibiotics cleared it up, I would be right back the next month. Finally I tried CranTec Ultra and it has been like night and day. I wish I had done it a lot sooner."

Ruth T. Norfolk, VA

"CranTec Ultra is now in my medicine cabinet and I take one every day- thank God for it. I have not had to be on antibiotics for a bladder infection and I don’t miss it one bit. It is a great product."

Anne F. Henderson, NC

"I have had a lot of bladder infections, some worse then others. I can always tell when they are coming on, and it always seems to be at night or on the weekend. I have been taking an extra dose of CranTec Ultra at the first sign, and so far I have only had to go on a medicine one time- for all the rest, I was back to normal in a few days with just the CranTec Ultra. This has been a huge improvement for me and I am grateful for it."

Jessica V. Seattle, WA

"I have what the doctors said was a “floppy bladder” that doesn’t empty all the way. I do what I can to empty, push down extra, but I kept getting UTI’s. I took a lot of antibiotics and then the bacteria became more and more resistant to them. I was taking another cranberry pill along with some other vitamins but nothing was working. Thank goodness I found CranTec Ultra. Since I started on it I have not had a single infection and I plan to keep on taking it every day!"

Ruth D. Gainesville, FL

"No matter how careful I was, it seemed like I got a UTI after sexual activity almost every time. They checked me and said everything looked OK, and I emptied my bladder before and after and did all they told me to do, but I kept getting them. I found out about CranTec Ultra and started taking 2 of them right before intercourse. Sometimes I would then take one a day for the next few days. What a difference! No more UTI’s and no more worrying about getting one every time- that has been the best part."

Brittany H. Elmont, NY

"As someone with multiple sclerosis, I have my share of medical problems. The bladder infections were a major problem because I would feel so weak and drained after each one. I tried taking low strength antibiotics every day but not only did that make me feel terrible, I kept getting bladder infections. My friend told me about CranTec Ultra and I figured I had nothing to lose. Wow- what a difference! I took it along with the low strength antibiotics for a month, and then I just stopped the antibiotics and continued on the CranTec Ultra. I have not had a single infection and I feel great. It has been a real improvement in my life."

Susan A. Los Angeles, CA

"I found this on a Google search. Thank goodness- the doctors said everything was “normal” and they did not know why I kept getting these UTI’s. I was doing everything they told me to do. I finally found CranTec Ultra and I am doing great taking one every day, and increasing on those times when I feel something coming on. Please keep making this!”

Amber S. Trenton, NJ

”My mother is 81 and pretty healthy, but was having a terrible time with bladder infections for the past 3 years. She has a dropped bladder and a small amount of leakage, neither of them really bothers her. The doctors talked about doing surgery but said they did not know if that would keep her from getting the UTI’s. I ordered the CranTec Ultra and Mom started taking it- at first 2 a day, and then she switched to one a day. I am almost scared to say it, but she has not had a single UTI since then and is doing great. She is definitely going to stay on it for sure.”

Annette W. Bozeman, MT

”Had a UTI almost every time I had sex. I was starting to avoid it because for a week I would have so much pain until I got treated. Since starting the CranTec Ultra I have not had a single UTI- my husband and I are very happy!”

Tiffany B. Culver City, CA

”A friend of mine told me about CranTec Ultra and since I started it I have not had a UTI and haven’t even had a single twinge of pain or burning.”

Anne G. Mesa, AZ

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